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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Brothers Jesse and Frank James terrorized banks, trains and payrolls in the 1870s and '80s. They have been credited with the first day time bank robbery in American history. The Pinkerton Detective Agency had a run for it's money chasing the James boys from state to state.
Among the James Gang were the Younger Brothers. Other gang members came and gone. Below you will find photos of the James' and the Youngers plus the women in their lives and some of their victims. I call this, "The James Family Album".


andrew said...

hello my name is andew potter the younger brothers are a part of my family on my fathers side if you could so i could see my family send picture to the following e-mail addresses drewpotter92@hotmail.com and gpotter9985@hotmail.com
andrew lloyd potter

Ron said...

Mr Ed - I have a picture like the one you have posted called "Jesse Hideout". Your web picture has details not showing that my picture does. Can you please tell me who the 3rd man on the right is that is sitting on the rock? - Thank you - rhunleysr@comcast.net

Karen said...

I have a picture of Jesse James' mother and home. What do you thing it is worth?

What sort of man was Jesse James in your opinion?